Meal Plans Extended Information

Meal plans are active only when students are enrolled and on campus.  They may only be used by the student whose name is on the plan; they are not transferable.  Culinary Cash and unused meals may roll over from term to term but there are no reimbursements for remaining balances at the end of the year. The meal plans above are based on one trimester.  Meal plans are split between meals in Andrew Commons, an all-you-can-eat facility and Culinary Cash that can be used in all retail locations including Andrew Commons.  Students are encouraged to change between plans from term to term based on individual schedules. 

A portion of your meal plan is retained by Lawrence University to cover the operating expenses of the Warch Campus Center.  These costs include custodial services, utilities, the purchase and maintenance of dining equipment, human resources and financial services.  Meal plan costs cover all of these expenses and provide funds to offer quality meals.